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Valerie Sciarra: Blog

April 5th

Posted on April 5, 2018 with 0 comments

Today I am remembering my time in the band 223 Park.  Probably one of my favorite songs was April 5th. I still remember how the whole song came together.  I don't remember much of the band outside of our rehearsal space :).  But I remember vividly how this song came together. 

I began playing a piano riff on the keys and Mark Scully picked up his guitar and started playing chords.  We were on a break from practicing our other tunes.  The room was dark except people in and out on break. Colleen Cannon began humming some sort of melody to it and random words came to her.  Gradually, everyone joined in as they came back from break and we just grooved for what felt like hours until the skeleton of this song appeared. I remember adding backing tracks with Michelle Coffaro.  She and Colleen came up with a sort of one note harmony part and it was so simple but added so much to the song.   

The song touched my soul in some way.  Not just because it's pretty, but because the experience in writing it was magical.  It is one of those moments in life when I was completely at peace with the world and my place in it. I had crossed some sort of threshold as a writer and I think that is when I knew I had more to say musically.  I just had to find out how to say it.  

I've studied classical composition, writing for musical theater, songwriting classes, music theory, jazz name it... but those few hours in that dingy rehearsal studio in Hicksville will always be, as Mark Scully used to say fondly, "my mother love"- the place in music that I will be forever pulled back to.