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when the Jersey Turnpike is looking scenic!  This has been a long overdue road trip.  

First of all, I'm glad that I have a Florida license plate on my rental car.  There's a lot of pressure heading down south on the interstate with a NY plate.  It's like a giant bullseye for a state trooper with a quota to meet.  

Some advice I received before I left: "DON'T SPEED".  I'll tell you what, the speed limit on the interstate gets up to 70 MPH.  Driving a Corolla next to a whole army full of 18 wheelers at 70 miles an hour will keep you from speeding.  You realize how fragile you are. Believe me... no speeding going on.  I've got way to much to live for these days!  I even got tailgated by a Smart car... Really?  Tailgating in a Smart car?  If someone is really on a death mission, I'm happy to get out of the left lane...

The drive was pretty uneventful.  I love the Tennessee accent.  Really soft and sweet sounding. [...]
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Knoxville Here I Come

Posted on August 10, 2011 with 2 comments

Hey, Friends!

It's been quite a winter!  As most of my close fans know, I had my second son, Damian, in early February.  He's the coolest little boy who loves mommy's music and sleeps really well!  We couldn't be happier!

So now, I turn my attention back to Moon Over Jordan...  

I will be one of 20 chosen to compete in the Singer/Songwriter Showdown for the Indie Grrl Conferencein Knoxville, TN.  Just me, my keyboard, and three of my best songs.  The annual Indie Grrl Conference will be busy with panelists and performers from all over the country and I am excited to meet this incredible group of Indie artists.  Fun times!

Well, I've got the outfit picked out and the keyboard, but what to play... 

Please HELP ME in selecting three songs you think are the strongest from Moon Over Jordan.  I will be chosen to sing one per round, depending upon how far I get.  Help me stand out!

Thanks for your feedback.  I'm really excited to be back and will keep you posted on the conference and any upcoming shows I have.  


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